Last week we reported about steps being initiated in response to a UC Davis report alleging that nitrogen and Agriculture were the major cause of air pollution in the San Joaquin Valley. Valley organizations mobilized under their Coalition, Air Coalition Taskforce, with members taking individual actions to achieve a collective goal. CCM was a founding member of the coalition which up till now has been primarily a legal venue to thwart agencies and activists.  CCM has triggered a conference call with the Agricultural Dean for next week to protest the manner in which the report was released and how the contents were derived.  Two benefactors have indicated they will send a letter denouncing the report and cease sending an annual donation.

A team of scientists at another agricultural school that is familiar with air quality issues is preparing a technical response a draft of which has been circulated to Coalition members.

The California Cotton Ginners and Growers Association CEO triggered a response from the Valley Air District who commissioned a scientific evaluation several years ago that placed nitrogen releases in the rightful place.  The Air Board response is being featured in several newspapers.  Western Plant Health Association placed an Op-Ed in the Sacramento Bee also denouncing the report.  There will be an activity report in the next few weeks as strategies evolve into action steps.