Yesterday CCM participated in California Agriculture Day celebrated at the state Capitol under the Citrus Strong banner. Over 50 vendors from different agriculture groups participated in this year’s event with the theme being “CA Grown: Ag Proud!” The event started with an hour open to only legislatures and their staff, which gave us the perfect opportunity to talk to our target audience about our upcoming Citrus Stride Event.

Ag Day was a huge success and we received over 60 signups for Citrus Stride next month. The event gave us great exposure and we were able to see the excitement and momentum pick up for Citrus Stride first hand.

CCM Director of Public Affairs Alyssa Houtby, Assemblymember Randy Voepel, Assemblymember Devon Mathis, and CCM Director of Government Affairs Laura Brown promoting the 2nd Annual Citrus Stride Event at the 2017 Ag Day at the state Capitol.