Weather Watch

Our real-time weather monitoring service helps you manage your frost protection needs.

Market Memo

The weekly Market Memo provides a comprehensive market report and the latest news.

Packing Houses

Follow the link below to view a complete packing house list and the contact for each operation.

Member Bennefits

California Citrus Mutual’s (CCM) sole focus is to protect the livelihood of the California citrus grower. Our goal is to advocate for sound, reasonable public policies that support the growth and sustainability of the California’s citrus industry. As a member of CCM you are ensuring that we have all the necessary tools to ensure the best outcome for the citrus industry. Every year we supply an Annual Report or Return on Investment that summarizes CCM’s year. You can find an attached copy of the 2020 Annual Report here.

We are Family Farmers

Family farms are the bedrock of the California citrus industry. It’s not unusual to find families producing navel oranges on trees that were planted by their grandfathers.

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