Inoculum control, treat for the psyllid, set-up an area-wide management program, and be diligent is the advice from citrus growers in Florida who have been battling against the Huanglongbing for over a decade.  In Texas, growers are immediately removing confirmed positive trees.  In Florida, growers there are re-planting on an annual basis, and hoping for 10, maybe 15, years of production before a tree completely succumbs to the disease.  In most cases, trees will begin to show the typical signs of Huanglongbing by year 5 or 6.  Some growers will say they’re optimistic – that with over $200 million invested in HLB research we’re bound to find a cure soon. Others believe the Florida industry has only 3 years left.  But most agree that the California fresh market cannot survive with HLB to the extent that Florida has over the last decade.

On March 3, the Citrus Showcase luncheon will feature perspectives from the front line. Florida citrus grower Larry Black and Texas citrus grower Dale Murden will join CCM President Joel Nelsen on-stage for an in-depth discussion about how their respective industries are responding on the ground to mass HLB infection and how California can avoid a similar fate.

Now more than ever, it is imperative that the California grower is engaged and diligent in their efforts to stop the psyllid.  Attend the Showcase Luncheon to hear more from those on the frontline about what California growers can do to protect their trees and their livelihood from the devastation caused by HLB.

Tickets can be purchased for $30 by contacting California Citrus Mutual at 559.592.3790. This program is brought to you by California Citrus Mutual in partnership with the Citrus Pest and Disease Prevention Program.