The San Joaquin Valley ACP/HLB Task Force is recommending growers with citrus blocks east and south of Bakersfield make a soil-applied imidacloprid treatment (Admire Pro, generic imidacloprid 2F or 4F, etc.) in the mid-August through mid-September period if at all possible. This is because the past several years has shown that a vast majority of the ACP trap finds in Kern County usually occurs in the fall starting in September and peaking in October.

The San Joaquin Valley ACP/HLB Area-wide Task Force has been tracking and analyzing all of the ACP detections to date in Kern County and believes this chemigation treatment will help to mitigate and suppress this historical increase in the fall ACP population and inhibit possible transmission of HLB – especially in light of the significant level of HLB-positive citrus trees in the counties just south of us (724 HLB-positive trees to date and 423 just since the first of this year!).  All have been found residential properties in Orange, Los Angeles, and Riverside counties.   In order to protect our citrus from HLB, it is extremely important to keep ACP as low as possible.  

Additionally, the Task Force submits if growers want to be assured of more complete HLB protection, they can also make an ACP-effective foliar treatment in the fall in addition to the soil-applied treatment – although the Task Force is not currently requesting grower must make the foliar application.

Submit your Pesticide Use Report for this application electronically if at all possible.  Or, send a copy to Judy Zaninovich at or (559) 730-8691.