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California Citrus Industry

California’s unique combination of soil and climate come together to produce the highest quality citrus in the world. California growers supply 90 percent of the nation’s fresh citrus and export to over sixteen foreign countries.

There are three distinct growing regions in California: the coastal region where most of the state’s lemons are grown; the desert region produces primarily grapefruit and lemons; and the San Joaquin Valley where 75% of the state’s citrus acreage is located, producing primarily oranges, mandarins, and lemons.

Geographic Information System Map

CCM created the new geographic information system (GIS) map below specifically with our growers in mind. This map gives you the ability to see where citrus is located throughout the state of California along with legislative districts, GSA’s, water districts and ACP quarantine zones. Through the layer list, users can select and overlay the maps of their choice to gain a better understanding of the specific area where their citrus is located. View a video tutorial on how to use the map here.

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