Political Action Committee

Legislative Support

A robust PAC is essential for the citrus industry to be an effective voice in the State and Federal policy arenas.  Our support for legislators is part of a comprehensive government relations strategy and is limited to those that can help the business interests of the citrus grower.

Water, pest and disease, trade, labor, and taxes are among the many areas we work in at the State and Federal level.

We take a non-partisan approach in supporting legislators who are willing to listen, learn, and engage on citrus issues that support your business.

2021 Raffle

Support the Political Action Committee (PAC) by participating in our 2021 Raffle.  Each ticket has a one in ten chance of winning.  The raffle begins the week of January 4, 2021 and will conclude at the end of 52 calendar weeks.  All tickets will be null and void at the conclusion of the giveaway. Each ticket has an equal opportunity to win.

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