Last Thursday, DPR hosted what is to be the first of a series of lectures about ACP/HLB.  Jim Cranney, President of the California Citrus Quality Council, organized the lecture to feature talks given by Dr. Beth Grafton-Cardwell, Director of UC ANR’s Lindcove Research and Extension Center; James E. Adaskaveg, Professor and Plant Pathologist at UC Riverside, Victoria Hornbaker, Interim Citrus Program Director at CDFA; and Spencer Walse, Research Chemist at USDA’s Agricultural Research Service.  In future, a series of in-depth lectures will be scheduled.

The purposes of these lectures are several-fold.  Primarily, since DPR has a role in regulating pesticide use, we want to make sure that it is well informed about the need for pesticides and the factors that may influence the use.  Likewise, the industry is anticipating greater interaction with DPR as disease spreads and various regulatory issues arise regarding pesticide registration.  We would like to partner with DPR in finding solutions to issues that might arise in the future that will impact our ability to manage ACP and slow the spread of the disease.

Further, we feel that it is important for senior management, decision-makers, review managers, and compliance officers to understand the dynamics of pesticide use in the California citrus industry, so there is a fundamental understanding of our predicament.  We think that this information will give us a common understanding of the challenges facing the industry and a shared sense for how we should approach future regulatory issues.  We are also reaching out, via this process, for any assistance DPR may be able to provide to help the industry weather this challenging period to save California citrus.