CCM and 50 other Ag organizations from around the country forwarded a letter to USDA Secretary Sonny Perdue and Acting EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler this week urging them to initiate the process to appeal a 9th Circuit Panel decision to revoke tolerances and registrations for Chlorpyrifos.  “This decision is unprecedented; no court has previously ordered EPA to cancel uses and revoke tolerances for a pesticide.  Its significance goes beyond just chlorpyrifos and threatens the established regulatory process for all crop protection tools.” 

Presently, Australia and the European Food Safety Authority have agreed that chlorpyrifos and the 4,000 studies submitted clearly support the continued use of the material as registered.  “I find it hard to believe that two judges who demand respect for their judicial knowledge now assume they are scientists and have a better understanding of the regulatory process than USEPA, Australia, and the EU,” states CCM  President Joel Nelsen.  “This can’t stand and our letter plus the conversation with Secretary Perdue last week will hopefully achieve the desired objective which is an appeal, then a victory,” Nelsen concludes.