30 05, 2019

Val Dolcini Named Acting DPR Director

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Val Dolcini, who is currently serving as Deputy Secretary for Agriculture at CalEPA, will add Acting Director of the Department of Pesticide Regulation beginning June 3rd.  Teresa Marks, who has served as Acting Director since Brian Leahy’s departure has announced her retirement effective May 31st.  The change in leadership was abrupt, but not totally unexpected [...]

30 05, 2019

Glyphosate Update

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On Tuesday, April 30th the EPA released their Proposed Interim Registration Review Decision for glyphosate, an important step in the registration review process. The EPA responses contain several key comments, including: “The EPA conducted an independent evaluation of the carcinogenic potential of glyphosate and has determined that glyphosate is “not likely to be carcinogenic to humans.” The [...]

9 05, 2019

CCM Statement on Chlorpyrifos Ban

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Yesterday, the California Environmental Protection Agency (CalEPA) and the California Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) announced that they are going to begin the cancellation process of chlorpyrifos.  The statement cites scientific findings that chlorpyrifos poses serious public health and environmental risks to vulnerable communities. “The decision to ban chlorpyrifos is not surprising given the significant [...]

2 05, 2019

CCM Engages with the Regulatory Agencies in Sacramento

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Last week we summarized the CCM Directors and members of the Government Relations committee trip to Sacramento to meet with legislators, regulatory agencies, and the administration on key policy issues impacting the industry. This week we have put together an in-depth description of the meetings that took place on the second day of the trip [...]

2 05, 2019

EPA Reaffirms Finding that Glyphosate Does Not Cause Cancer

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The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on Tuesday reaffirmed its finding that glyphosate, the world's most popular herbicide, is not a cancer risk to users. It's the next step in the EPA's process to re-register the herbicide. The agency said its scientific findings on human health risk are consistent with the reviews by several other countries and [...]

26 04, 2019

Representing the Citrus Industry in Sacramento

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CCM Directors and members of the Government Relations committee traveled to Sacramento this week to meet with legislators, regulatory agencies, and the administration on key policy issues impacting the industry – maintaining general fund support for the Asian citrus psyllid and Huanglongbing program, protecting crop protection materials against legislative bans, and a comprehensive solution to [...]

25 04, 2019

On the Chemical Registration Front

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The 24c for use of Movento on Citrus during bloom has been renewed, extending the use thru April 30, 2024.  The 24c is beneficial during ACP control periods in the Counties of Ventura, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, Riverside, San Diego, Imperial, Santa Cruz, and San Benito.  A one-time bloom [...]

18 04, 2019

Legislation to Cancel Chlorpyrifos Moves in Sacramento

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Legislation that would ban the use of chlorpyrifos in California is being promoted by Legislators relying upon science from activists.  Seventeen agricultural organizations, including Citrus Mutual are opposing this effort as a vehicle that deviates from a science-based system while relying upon flawed data and emotion.  The five-page communication speaks to the registration system at [...]

28 03, 2019

Bloom and Petal Fall Declarations

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Bloom season is underway and for citrus, this establishes the beginning of a time period when the use of insecticides is greatly restricted in citrus groves. As 10% bloom is declared in each district, all citrus growers, pest control operators, and beekeepers must comply with the regulations covering the citrus/bee protection areas (section 6654 and [...]

24 01, 2019

Copper Export Update

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The California Citrus Quality Council (CCQC) is contacting the industry with information on how to comply with the Korea and China export protocols. Increased rainfall has triggered the need for a second copper application for Korea (Septoria spot) and China (Phytophthora) in all counties with the exception of Kern, Imperial, and eastern and western Riverside / San [...]