CCM President Joel Nelsen addressed several hundred CAPCA members this past weekend at their annual conference urging them to become active participants in the fight against spreading ACP/HLB. “The CAPCA organization has become more energized under new leadership and has actively sought a working relationship with our organization,” notes CCM President Joel Nelsen.  “The invitation to speak before their many members from across the state was an opportunity to enlist urban PCAs to a greater degree and continue updating rural PCAs on the efforts of our industry program.”

In his remarks, Nelsen reminded the audience how innocently the devastation in Florida started and the impact tree removal had on visiting California growers.  He emphasized the role urban PCAs could play in educating their customer base and providing services to protect backyard trees.  He asked those practicing in areas adjacent to or in citrus production areas to coordinate and communicate.  Let people know what you are detecting and work together to suppress, if not eradicate, ACP before the population explodes out of control as it has in the Los Angeles metropolitan area.

CAPCA leadership also provided an area adjacent to their exhibit hall for an educational booth specific to the Citrus Pest & Disease Prevention Program (CPDPP).  It was staffed by liaisons and provided materials for use in customer areas.  “For CAPCA to provide this opportunity is much appreciated,” Nelsen concludes.  “The more talent we have engaged in working to protect our citrus industry the better chance we have in accomplishing that very objective.”