Argentine Lemons Challenge

California Citrus Mutual has been active in trade policy discussion for 25 years.  Free, fair and balanced trade policy is a boon to the industry.  However, product originating from pest or disease infested areas for distribution in the United States is unacceptable.  USDA has proposed allowing lemons from Argentina into the United States, which could greatly increase the pest and disease pressures the United States is already facing.  The industry is adamantly opposed to their proposal and has submitted comprehensive statements to that effect.  Below are a few of the many comments submitted and letters sent that adequately explain the reason for opposition.

Letter to OMB and USDA from California Legislatures – March 8, 2017

60 Day Stay Issued for Argentine Lemon Import Regulation – January 25, 2017

OMB Guidance on the Freeze Memo – January 24, 2017

USCSC Final Regulation Flex Analysis – October 2016


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Letter to the White House from Congresswoman Julia Brownley