The industry advisory committee on ACP/HLB activities held its initial meeting for 2019 in Exeter this past Wednesday; the highlights follow:

Grower assessments collected 17/18 = $15,097,461

Tamarixia releases = 3,939,314 in 2018 & over 12.6 million since 2011

Tamarixia production costs = 27 cents per insect

2018 ACP grove sampling = 23,959 collected

ACP Finds in Fresno = 1; Kern = 530; Monterey =678; SLO = 99; Tulare = 267

Total ACP/Plant samples in 2018 = 151,723

Total HLB infected trees removed = 1010

Orange County Tree Infections = 708

Los Angeles County Tree Infections = 299

Riverside County Tree Infections = 3

Other areas of consternation discussed included but were not limited to, higher fees imposed upon the program by the Department of Finance.  CDFA has pledged a commitment to work with the industry to limit the economic impact on operations.  CCM presented highlights of activity in Washington, D.C. to sustain the economic support for the program and CRB interim CEO Franco Bernardi summarized research board activity in support for the industry effort to protect groves from HLB infection.