CCM has three standing committees that help drive our association’s actions and policies on various issues and two yearly committees. Committees are responsible for addressing the issues in their area of expertise and providing a recommended course of action to staff and the Board of Directors.

In addition, we have three issue area task forces that are responsible for specific issue areas of concern.

If you are interested in joining either a committee or task force please fill out the interest form at the bottom of the page.

Standing Committees

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is made up of the four executive spots on the CCM Board of Directors. They are responsible for financial oversight and the direction of the CCM Board. Contact Casey Creamer, President & CEO.

Monthly Meetings

Government Relations and Political Action Committee

The Government Relations Committee is responsible for reviewing legislation of concern and recommending a position on federal and state issues. This Committee is also an independent authority for the CCM Political Action Committee (PAC). As such, committee members are encouraged to attend political fundraisers and PAC activities, as well as meet with candidates and elected officials to discuss industry concerns. Contact Jacob Villagomez, Director of State Governmental Affairs.

Bi-Monthly Meetings

Marketing Committee

The Marketing Committee meets regularly to discuss marketing activity such as crop conditions, harvest reports, pricing, and other variables that may impact product marketability. This committee provides input to CDFA and USDA when there are pest, phytosanitary, or regulatory issues potentially impacting growers and provides direction to the industry on such issues as maturity standards, trade issues, packaging, and more. Contact Alyssa Houtby, Senior Director of Federal Affairs.

Monthly Meetings

Task Forces

Pest & Disease Task Force

The California citrus industry has never-ending pest and disease pressures, and some of the most stringent environmental regulations in the country regarding pest management. Some are necessary, some are burdensome, and most all are costly. It is the job of the Pest & Disease Task Force to provide policy recommendations to the Board of Directors on regulations and issues pertaining to pest & disease. Contact Alexis Silveira, Director of Membership and Communications.

Quarterly Meetings

Water Task Force

With California’s continuing droughts, limited surface water and groundwater availability, and changing water laws and regulations it is imperative that growers and staff are analyzing the issues throughout the year. The Water TaskForce provides policy recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding the ever-changing water policies and issues. Contact Kuyler Crocker, Strategic Advisor.

Semi-Annual Meetings

Labor Task Force

The Labor Task Force helps provide subject matter expertise for staff and the Board of Directors on issues regarding and surrounding labor within the citrus industry. Contact Alyssa Houtby, Senior Director of Federal Affairs.

Semi-Annual Meetings

Yearly Committees

Scholarship Committee

CCM awards three scholarships annually to students pursuing an education and career in an agricultural-related field. The Scholarship Committee meets twice per year to review candidates and select scholarship recipients. Members with a background in education are especially valuable on this committee. Contact Diane Guinn, Office Manager.

Yearly Meetings

Nominating Commitee

The CCM Nominating Committee meets once per year to discuss nominations to join the board of Board of Directors. Contact Casey Creamer, President & CEO.

Yearly Meetings

Committee Interest Form

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