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Our Industry

California’s unique combination of soil and climate come together to produce the highest quality citrus in the world. California growers supply over 90 percent of the nation’s fresh citrus according to USDA, and export to over sixteen foreign countries.

There are three distinct growing regions in California: the coastal region where most of the state’s lemons are grown; the desert region produces primarily grapefruit and lemons; and the San Joaquin Valley where 75 percent of the state’s citrus acreage is located, producing primarily oranges, mandarins, and lemons.

Our Mission

We work to protect and enhance the viability of California’s citrus growers. Our goal is to credibly represent the needs of California’s citrus growers to State and Federal elected officials and policymakers, foster communication and cooperation between all segments of the citrus industry, and deliver relevant, timely and unbiased information to the membership.

Our Advocacy

In our work to advocate for citrus growers we focus on four key issue areas – water, labor, pest and disease and trade and marketing. We center all our efforts around creating opportunities and minimizing harm for growers in matters related to these four focus areas. Read our full strategic plan here.

Our History

California Citrus Mutual was founded by growers in 1977 as a non-profit trade association. Our founding directors understood that a collective and cohesive voice would help them overcome the significant challenges that faced the industry at the time. Over the years, our mission has expanded to meet the changing needs of the industry. Watch the video below to learn how California Citrus Mutual got its start from some of the people who were there.


  • Casey Creamer
    Casey Creamer President / CEO
  • Jacob Villagomez
    Jacob Villagomez Director, Governmental Affairs
  • Diane Guinn
    Diane Guinn Office Manager
  • Abby Peltzer
    Abby Peltzer Communications Manager
  • Michael Bliss
    Michael Bliss Manager, Grower Services

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