Voice of the Citrus Grower

CCM is the only advocacy organization representing CA citrus growers on the economic, regulatory, and political issues that impact them most. We are a voluntary, non-profit trade association dedicated to enhancing the sustainability of the CA citrus industry by advocating for sound, reasonable policy that allows for fair competition in the market place. Our 2,500 members represent 75% of California’s 320,000 acre, $3.3 billion citrus industry.

Our Mission

It is our mission to represent the CA citrus grower and share with members of the public, the legislature, regulatory agencies, and others how the citrus industry supports the economic and environmental health of CA and its people.

As the industry’s primary advocate, CCM promotes and creates beneficial policies that protect growers from escalating costs and regulations. Much of our work is subjective in nature, but there is a tangible return on investment for membership in CCM.

CCM engages in matters ranging from trade, to air quality regulations, pest and disease issues, pesticide regulation, labor, water, and federal and state legislation on behalf of the CA citrus industry.


  • Develop awareness within the membership and the community of the purposes, goals, and functions of California Citrus Mutual.
  • Be a credible spokesperson for CA citrus growers.
  • Deliver relevant, timely, and unbiased information to our members.
  • Monitor the seasonal and long-range marketing activities of the industry and provide correct information to growers.
  • Maintain a viable and active Political Action Committee.
  • Educate consumers as to the value of fresh citrus including its healthfulness and the realities of farming practices.
  • Keep an open line of communication with all segments of the citrus industry, including suppliers of goods and services, packers, researchers, marketing organizations and any others whom growers may deal with in their citrus production and marketing activities.
  • Partner with other agricultural organizations as the need arises.

Our Members

CCM members are citrus growers of all size and scale. From 5 acres to 5,000 acres and more, we equally represent the interests of all CA citrus growers. Citrus growers choose to be a member of CCM because they recognize the many benefits of membership.

Our History

CCM was founded in 1977 by those who felt the need to unite their fellow growers into a cohesive, powerful force. In its earliest days, CCM’s mission was to deliver price information and market data to growers. Over the years, our mission has expanded to meet the growing and changing needs of the industry.

Member Benefits

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Member Benefits