California Red Scale and Citricola Scale July Memos

California Red Scale

The University of California Lindcove Research and Extension Center (LREC) has released its second California Red Scale (CRS) memo. The memo outlines key points to help growers and pest control professionals better manage and control CRS, including population outlook, management choices, and chemical control options. Also note that CRS degree days (DD) for Kern, Tulare, Fresno, and Madera are updated on the LREC website biweekly using the CIMIS station data.

California Red Scale Memo

Citricola Scale

LREC has also released its July Citricola Scale memo. Growers are reporting that Citricola is more of an issue this year than it has been in some time. The memo provides information and UC recommendations to help growers and pest control professionals manage and control Citricola.

Citricola Scale Memo


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