Senate Natural Resources and Water Committee Kills Bennett Well Bill

AB 2079, by Assembly Member Steve Bennett of Ventura, was voted down by the Senate Natural Resources & Water Committee. The bill sought to restrict local groundwater control by mandating permits be denied for large-diameter wells within a quarter mile of domestic wells. It received NO votes from the Chair, Senator Steve Padilla, Senators Brian Dahle, Shannon Grove, Melissa Hurtado, Kelly Seyarto, and outgoing Senator Susan Eggman. Members cited multiple concerns with the bill, such as stakeholder opposition, lack of justification, and eroding local control.

CCM and a large coalition of associations and organizations led by Kahn, Soares, & Conway continuously tried to educate and consult the author over the last couple of years since the bill’s previous versions. Ultimately, the author chose not to seek reconsideration for the proposal, signaling the bill’s defeat.

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