President’s Message: Important Member Survey

Guided by a new strategic plan that the board adopted in 2021, California Citrus Mutual has refocused its advocacy efforts towards activities related to trade and marketing, pest and disease, water, and labor. While numerous topics affect citrus growers, the board of directors identified these topics as areas with the most potential to affect grower profitability.

A principle in developing the strategic plan objectives was the need to be focused and successful. This meant prioritizing activities that directly impact citrus growers and working with like-minded organizations on more general agricultural and business issues. Another principle of the effort was to focus on what a former board member identified as “the hard but doable.”  The easy items will be done without us, and the impossible will be a waste of limited resources.

After implementing the strategic plan for the last three years, the CCM Board of Directors and staff will conduct a strategic plan review later this month and request your input into the plan refinement process. Your responses to the member survey are valuable in ensuring that the organization is responsive to the membership’s needs.

The survey can be completed in less than 5 minutes and can be accessed by clicking here.


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