Movento 24c Registration Renewed

Recently, CCM staff was made aware of Movento’s 24c registration lapse. Staff moved quickly to resolve this issue by contacting Bayer and writing a support letter, which was sent to the Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR). In the letter, CCM highlighted the importance of Movento for the control of ACP as well as other pests such as thrips, aphids, scales, mites, and whiteflies and the devastating effects these pests could have on the citrus industry and market if left untreated. Furthermore, the letter outlined its importance in rotational use to prevent resistance and its minimal to nonexistent effects on pollinators. Upon receiving the letter, DPR moved quickly to extend Movento’s 24c registration.

If you have heard that Movento was going to be lost, please know that the issue has been resolved, and it is still available for citrus use.


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