EU Publishes Short-term Agricultural Outlook for Oranges

The European Commission recently published details regarding orange production in its Spring 2024 short-term agricultural outlook. The 2023/24 European Union (EU) orange production, led by Spain, was negatively impacted by adverse weather conditions and is projected to be the lowest in ten years at approximately 5.6 million metric tons. That is a 5.4% decrease year over year. This led to an estimated increase of 2.4% year over year of oranges diverted to processing. In 2023/24, yield is estimated at nearly 20 tons/hectare, dropping 14% below the five-year average and 6.5% below the previous year.

Lower availability of fresh oranges is expected to contribute to higher prices and constrain consumption. Exports of oranges are forecast to decline sharply, while imports are expected to continue following an increasing trend.


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