Specialty Crop Farm Bill Alliance Applauds Farm Bill Movement

Earlier this week, the Specialty Crop Farm Bill Alliance (SCFBA) released a statement supporting the movement on the Farm Bill in both the House and Senate. SCFBA is a coalition of over 200 organizations representing various sectors of the agriculture industry, of which CCM is a member of the Steering Committee.

In the statement, SCFBA stated “We appreciate the work of House Agriculture Committee Chair Tompson and others for moving the farm bill process forward and for recognizing the importance of specialty crops with several key investments, including for research, innovation, crop insurance and trade. Investments like these are vital to maintaining and enhancing the competitiveness of our growers across the U.S. and to support a healthier America.”

Read the full statement from SCFBA here.

As we reported earlier this month, both House and Senate Farm Bill proposals also include continued funding for the Emergency Citrus Disease Research and Extension Program at $25 million per year for the life of the Farm Bill.


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