Spanish Citrus Organization Publishes Update on Lemon Sector

In a recent publication, the director of the Spanish lemon and grapefruit organization AILIMPO spoke about the current issues affecting the Spanish lemon sector and proposed solutions. Significant hurdles are overproduction due to increased acreage in recent years and the increase in phytosanitary pests, which are causing more significant losses. According to data presented in the publication, the crop area of lemon trees in Spain increased by over 40,000 acres from 2012-2022, a 43.8% expansion.

AILIMPO has developed an action plan to address this situation. It includes the following notable efforts:

  1. Reduction of taxes and improved insurance system
  2. Control of imports through European Union pesticide residue controls and pursuit of anti-dumping duties when warranted, and opening new markets with reciprocity in export protocols
  3. Implementation of more sustainable agricultural practices


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