South African Citrus Industry Predicts Export Growth in Upcoming Season

A media report including export season forecast updates shared by the Citrus Growers Association (CGA) predicts an increase in South African citrus export volume this season. South Africa’s export season begins this month, with lemons, grapefruit, and early soft citrus as the leading export commodities.

The CGA’s first forecast for the 2024 season includes a year-over-year increase of:

  • 7% by volume for lemons to 37.9 million cartons (15 kg)
  • 4% for Navel oranges to 25.6 million cartons
  • 12% for Valencia oranges to 58 million cartons
  • 14% for grapefruit to 16.7 million cartons

The CGA noted that the growth in grapefruit exports brings them back up to the long-term average and that lemon export volumes have more than doubled since 2016. The increase this year is partly due to younger trees coming into production in several regions.

CGA highlighted that although the forecast points to export growth for the 2024 season, the industry is facing significant challenges, including European Union phytosanitary regulations regarding citrus black spot and false codling moth, as well as the logistics and infrastructure issues present in South Africa.


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