Glassy-Winged Sharpshooter Treatments and Reimbursements for Citrus Growers

The California Department of Food and Agriculture Pierce’s Disease Control Program is currently conducting detection surveys for Glassy-Winged Sharpshooter (GWSS). If trap detections indicate GWSS populations near your citrus acreage, a Treatment Coordinator will contact you to discuss treatment options. While GWSS may not impact citrus quality unless they are in very high numbers1, GWSS detections could result in quarantines that would delay harvest. To avoid any interruptions and possible additional costs to harvest, please comply with treatment recommendations.

Following an assessment from a Treatment Coordinator, USDA through CDFA and the County will offer reimbursement funds to commercial citrus growers on a per-acre basis if approved GWSS treatment pesticides are applied. Reimbursements will cover both material and application costs.

Similar to HLB for citrus, Pierce’s Disease (which is transmitted by GWSS) is a death sentence for grapevines. If you are contacted by a Treatment Coordinator with treatment options, please be a part of the solution and implement treatment recommendations to prevent Pierce’s Disease from infecting California grape vineyards. While total GWSS trap detections were down 33% from the same time last year and 83% lower than in 2020, we must continue preventative treatments to avoid crop losses and county infestations.

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