New Resources and Updates on Invasive Fruit Flies from CDFA

The California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) has recently updated resources available to the industry regarding invasive fruit flies.

Due to the unusually high number of invasive fruit fly detections, resulting in quarantines being established across numerous California counties, CDFA, USDA, and various County Agricultural Commissioners have initiated local regulatory measures to eradicate and prevent the further spread of these fruit fly species statewide.

Fruit flies pose a risk to over 400 different commodities throughout the state. However, the most concerning for citrus growers include the Oriental Fruit Fly (OFF) in San Bernardino and Riverside Counties (which includes citrus acreage within its quarantine area) and the Queensland Fruit Fly (QFF) in Los Angeles and Ventura County. Industry members should be aware of and follow quarantine regulations that may impact their operations.

If you are located in or near one of these quarantine areas, we encourage you to review the various resources linked below and share them with other growers. In addition, please know that new resources are continually being developed and updated by CDFA. CCM will do our best to keep the Pest Management page on our website updated as new resources become available.

CDFA, USDA, and your local County Agricultural Commissioners are working to educate residents on the issue in the various quarantine areas. Please help them in this effort by encouraging nearby residents to avoid moving any homegrown produce from their properties and to cooperate with agriculture officials working in their area.


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