CCM’s Annual Government Relations Trip to Sacramento

The California Citrus Mutual (CCM) team headed to Sacramento this week to meet with legislators and the administration on issues critical to the citrus industry. The team consisted of a select group of CCM board members, committee members, growers, and staff.

This year, the team discussed the ongoing fruit fly challenges, pest and disease management efforts and budget proposals likely to affect the citrus industry. Growers credited the administration for providing CDFA an additional $22M towards the eradication of fruit flies and stressed the need for more resources for those within quarantines who must juice or destroy fruit onsite, more enforcement of bad actors, and coordination between counties, CDFA, the administration and the legislature to achieve eradication.

CCM staff and growers were able to meet with Governor Newsom’s staff members to discuss these issues, as well as Undersecretary Christine Birdsong and Lieutenant Governor Eleni Kounalakis. The group also had the opportunity to meet and socialize with Assemblymembers Dr. Jasmeet Bains, Vince Fong, Jacqui Irwin, Blanca Rubio, Esmeralda Soria, Blanca Pacheco, Devon Mathis, Juan Alanis, Assembly Majority Leader Cecilia Aguiar-Curry and Senators Shannon Grove, Melissa Hurtado, Marie Alvarado-Gil and Monique Limon.

We would like to thank those growers who accompanied us to Sacramento for sharing their stories and struggles and providing industry insight into issues they face every day with our state’s leaders.

Clockwise: CCM staff and board members outside the state capitol; CCM Director of Governmental Affairs Jacob Villagomez, Senator Shannon Grove, John Crowe, Kuyler Crocker, and Milo Gordon; Lieutenant Governor Eleni Kounalakis enjoys a California-grown Mandarin while meeting with CCM team; Board member Milo Gordon with Governor’s top administrative official.


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