Grower Services Update: Helping Growers Combat Citrus Pests

By: Michael Bliss, Manager, Grower Services

Nobody likes a pest. And yet, in 2023, California had a record-breaking year for invasive species that have caused ripples throughout the ag industry. This is in addition to our domestic pests like citrus thrips that also caused headaches for many citrus growers up and down the state. At CCM we have been working to make sure you as growers have the resources available to manage these unique, unprecedented, pest problems.

CCM has assisted growers in this unwanted endeavor by advocating for you in Sacramento and Washington DC. Governor Newsom announced over $20 million to help fight fruit flies while APHIS & USDA have combined their funding to commit over $100 million to help eradicate these pesky pests.

Another way we are looking to help the citrus growers of California is by bringing all the information into a one-stop shop. You can find this information on our website. Complete with forms and written information on quarantines and the cores. Not to mention a live geographic information system (GIS) map that allows you to see current boundaries relative to your operations.

This is all on top of HLB/ACP threats that continue to creep into commercial citrus groves. Last year, we saw numerous HLB/ACP quarantine zones grow. We will continue to push for additional funding as well as educational opportunities for individuals outside the ag community on the potentially catastrophic damage this pest can cause.

As these pests continue to throw hurdles at our industry, we will continue to provide helpful facts and information. It may also benefit you to talk with your crop insurance agents about the potential Quarantine Endorsement, as that may be beneficial to add to your policy depending on your situation.

We will continue to work with the Department of Pesticide Regulation on the potential for new tools, the protection of current tools, and research opportunities as well as various government agencies for financial assistance.

We wouldn’t be in existence without the continued support of our citrus growers and for that we thank you. Please let us know of additional resources you think growers may find useful against these pests and diseases.


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