Resources for Central Coast Citrus Industry Members Following HLB Detection

Last week the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) declared an HLB quarantine in Ventura County. This is the first time HLB has been detected in the county and the find was on a residential tree. Those with citrus operations within the new quarantine zone will need to abide by additional regulations and mitigations to ensure the disease is not spread to any commercial groves.

Below is a list of resources for those with citrus operations within the quarantine zone. Please use these resources provided by the Citrus Pest and Disease Prevention Program and CDFA to educate yourself on what regulatory changes you can expect and proactive ways to protect your groves from ACP. Additional information can be found at or at CDFA’s website.

Maps of the HLB Quarantine Area

Requirements for Bulk Citrus Movement in Zone 6 (HLB Quarantine Zones)

Other Regulatory Compliance Information

Summary of Response Plan and Best Practices

Growers in Ventura County should contact Grower Liaisons Sandra Zwaal at or Cressida Silvers at with any questions.

CCM staff will continue to monitor and keep members updated on the on the status of the situation and any new information reported from CDFA’s Citrus Pest and Disease Prevention Program.


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