CDFA Publishes 2023-24 Season Outlook for California Navels and Mandarins


On Tuesday, the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) released its 2023-2024 Navel Orange Objective Measurement Report. Initial survey results indicate that the California Navel crop is up 1% from last year at 74 million cartons. The forecast includes production of conventional, organic, and specialty Navel oranges, including Cara Cara and Blood orange varieties.

Survey results indicate fruit set is down 5% per tree from the previous year. The average diameter as of September 1 was 2.177 inches, an increase of 3% compared to last year. There is an estimated 110,000 bearing acres, which results in a 673 cartons per acre yield.

The CCM Marketing Committee will be reviewing the report during their next meeting to compare it with our own estimates and discuss its accuracy.

To view the full Navel report, click here.


This week CDFA also released the 2023-2024 Mandarin Orange Objective Measurement Report. The report is only an analysis of Tango and W. Murcott Afourer varieties. This is the first time CDFA has published a report in similar depth and detail to the Navel report for these Mandarin varieties.

The report estimates that this year’s Tango and W. Murcott Afourer Mandarin crop is approximately 21 million 40-pound cartons. Data indicates this is an 8% increase from last year’s crop. Survey results indicate the average size of the crop is down 7% from last year for these varieties.

To view the full Mandarin report, click here.


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