Coordinated ACP Treatment for Commercial Citrus in Kern County

The San Joaquin Valley ACP/HLB Area-wide Task Force is recommending a coordinated treatment is applied in commercial citrus orchards east and south of Bakersfield in late summer/early fall to help mitigate the historical increase in fall ACP populations. The recommendation is due to the higher-than-normal ACP detections last fall and earlier this spring. Treatments should be applied mid-August through mid-September to prevent ACP populations from building on the fall foliar flush. To comply with the recommendation growers should:

  • Treat all commercial citrus orchards located south or east of Bakersfield – including young, non-bearing trees.
  • Treat conventional groves in mid-August to mid-September with a soil-applied imidacloprid (Admire Pro or generic imidacloprid 2F, 4F, etc.) or Platinum treatment or a foliar material with long-lasting residual, like Actara, in mid-August through the end of September (any ACP-effective material can be used but Actara has long residual activity on ACP according to University of CA research trials).
  • For organic growers, the Task Force recommends application of two ACP-effective foliar treatments mid-August through mid-September.
  • See UCIPM guidelines for a list of ACP-effective materials.

If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to Kern County ACP/HLB Grower Liaison at (559)730-8691 or


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