ASOEX Updates Projections for 2023 Citrus Season

The Citrus Committee of the Chilean Association of Fruit Exporters and Producers (ASOEX) recently published its updated estimates for the 2023 season’s citrus export volumes.

In total, ASOEX projects 348,000 metric tons (MT) of citrus exports in 2023. This represents an increase of 30% compared to the previous season, though 3% below the estimate made in May. This change to the projections for the year is due to factors including frost and other weather damage, freight costs, and logistics.

The updated projected total for 2023 exports includes:

  • Clementines: 58,000 MT
  • Mandarins: 125,000 MT
  • Oranges: 95,000 MT
  • Lemons: 70,000 MT

Thus far in the year, export totals have reached:

  • Clementines: 51,474 MT, 76% more than the same period in 2022.
  • Mandarins: 59 MT, with the season just beginning.
  • Oranges: 11,014 MT, 45% more than the same period in 2022.
  • Lemons: 14,287 MT, 5% less than the same period in 2022.

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