CCQC ADVISORY: New Korea FRB Protocol – Voluntary Option to Reduce Pesticide Applications

The California Citrus Quality Council (CCQC) recently released information on how growers can eliminate one pesticide application under the protocol to control Fuller rose beetle (FRB) for exports to Korea.

USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) has agreed to add an option to the protocol that would allow growers to eliminate the first of two pesticide applications that are currently required under the Korean FRB protocol. The new sampling program is voluntary. Growers can choose to use the new sampling program or continue making two applications.

Fuller Rose Beetle Sampling Protocol:

  1. Growers should conduct adult Fuller rose beetle (FRB) sampling from Aug. 7 – Aug. 31 since that is the peak period of emergence of adult beetles.
  2. Conduct a random sample in each citrus block.
    • Divide the block into four quadrants and sample 18 trees that are spread throughout the quadrant.  Total trees sampled is 72 trees.
  1. Growers or Pest Control Advisors (PCA) should:
    • First, check suckers inside the tree for signs of FRB leaf chewing and spend a few minutes searching for adult beetles.  If beetles are detected, the tree is considered infested.
    • If no beetles are found in the interior, shake two large outside branches over a light cloth and inspect for FRB adults.  If beetles are found, the tree is considered infested.
  1. If no more than two infested trees are found out of 72 trees sampled, growers may eliminate the first FRB pesticide application and treat during the second time period (before October 31).
  2. If three or more infested trees are found out of 72 trees sampled, growers must make a pesticide application in August or early September as well as treat during the second time period (before October 31).
  3. Growers must keep records on the results of the sampling including (1) block identification, (2) inspection date, (3) name of inspector, and (4) number of trees infested with beetles out of 72 trees inspected.

New Korea FRB Protocol:

  1. Trees must be skirt pruned to minimize branches touching the ground.
  2. Herbicide treatments should be made to eliminate weeds that could be a pathway into the tree.
  3. Either option a or option b:
  4. Growers must make two pesticide applications to control FRB using pesticides recommended on the University of California Citrus IPM website
  5. Growers must use the FRB sampling protocol described above, keep records and if no more than two FRB infested trees per 72 trees sampled are detected they may eliminate the first application and make one application, preferably before October 31 with pesticides recommended on the citrus IPM website.

Please contact Jim Cranney at (530) 885-1894 or if you have any questions or need additional information.

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