Department of Water Resources Releases Groundwater Sustainability Plan Decisions to 12 Critically Overdrafted Basins

Today, the California Department of Water Resources (DWR) released decisions on revised groundwater sustainability plans (GSPs) submitted by local groundwater sustainability agencies (GSAs) in 12 critically overdrafted basins located in the Central Coast and the San Joaquin Valley, to meet the requirements of the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA). Of the 12 basins, the Department issued Inadequate determinations to six basins and notification letters to the remaining six basins that their GSPs are recommended to be Approved with Recommended Corrective Actions.

DWR deemed the following subbasin plans Inadequate:

  • Chowchilla Subbasin
  • Delta-Mendota Subbasin
  • Kaweah Subbasin
  • Tule Subbasin
  • Tulare Lake Subbasin
  • Kern Subbasin

Determinations for the above subbasins can be found on the Department’s SGMA Portal. The six Inadequate subbasins are now under State intervention, overseen by the State Water Resources Control Board under SGMA.

DWR recommends approval of plans for the following basins:

  • Cuyama Basin
  • Paso Robles Subbasin
  • Eastern San Joaquin Subbasin
  • Merced Subbasin
  • Westside Subbasin
  • Kings Subbasin in Fresno County

Correspondence for the above basins can be found on the Department’s SGMA Portal.

Read the press release from DWR here.



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