USDA Predicts Decreased Global Citrus Production

On January 26, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) released its biannual Citrus: World Markets and Trade report. Oranges, tangerines/mandarins, grapefruit, and lemons/limes are all forecast to have decreased global production in marketing year (MY) 2022-23.

  • Global orange production is expected to decrease by 5% to 47.5 million tons because a larger crop in Egypt will only partially offset lower production in the U.S. and EU. Production in the U.S. is forecast to decrease by 22% to 2.5 million tons, the lowest level in 56 years due to citrus greening and high winds in Florida.
  • Global tangerine/mandarin production is expected to decrease by 3% to 36.6 million tons due to unfavorable weather in China, Morocco, and Turkey. Moroccan exports are expected to decrease nearly 50%. At the same time, however, U.S. production is estimated to increase 23% to 820,000 tons due to favorable weather and higher yields in California.
  • Global grapefruit production is expected to decrease by 2% to 6.8 million tons due to reduced production from unfavorable weather in China, Mexico, Turkey, and the U.S. China remains the largest grapefruit producer with slightly lower production estimates for MY 2022-23.
  • Global lemon/lime production is estimated to decrease by 7% to 9.3 million tons due to unfavorable weather and higher input costs in Argentina, Mexico, and Turkey. Argentina, the EU, and the U.S. are forecasted to see decreases of 7%, 4%, and 9%, respectively.

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