CCM’s New Geographic Information System Map

With the help of 4Creeks, CCM created the new Geographic Information System (GIS) Map specifically with our growers in mind. This map gives you the ability to see where citrus is located throughout the state of California and juxtapose it with legislative districts, GSA’s, counties, water districts and ACP quarantine zones.

Through the layers list, you can select and overlay the maps of your choice to gain a better understanding of the area where your citrus is located. By zooming in on the map you will see that each individual block of citrus is accounted for.

With California’s legislative districts recently redrawn, now is the perfect time to familiarize yourself with new congressional, assembly and senate lines. Your citrus may no longer be in the same districts it was before. The map will allow you to easily find your citrus within the new legislative boundaries.

For each legislative district the map also provides citrus acreage, field count, representative contact information and party affiliation. Simply click within the boundaries of your district to access this information.

This is just a brief description of the information the GIS map will allow you to easily find. For a more detailed description of what the map can do and how to use it watch our video tutorial HERE.

You can access the map through both the Homepage and Industry page of the CCM website or by clicking HERE.

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