ALRB Releases Guidance on Upcoming Card Check Law

The Agricultural Labor Relations Board (ALRB) has released guidance for the implementation of the recently signed card check bill, AB 2183. Employers can now register with a ‘labor peace compact’ and are to be made public on the ALRB website. The ALRB has also updated their website to include procedural forms applicable to the labor peace and non-labor peace election alternatives. All employers are encouraged to visit the ALRB website where you will find AB 2183 guidance, updated forms, and an employer labor peace compact registration page. To see the guidance and forms visit Procedural Forms page of the ARLB website. These forms and guidance are available in Spanish as well at the bottom of the Procedural Forms page with the title ‘Formularios de Procedimiento’.

CCM highly encourages members to review the ALRB’s information thoroughly before deciding if a ‘labor peace’ or ‘non labor peace’ compact is right for your business. Pursuant to January 1, CCM has been actively educating the industry regarding these recent changes to our labor laws including partnering with the agricultural community to help spread the word through various informational meetings, webinars, and collaborative discussions. Two additional informational meetings are upcoming. More information on those meetings can be found here. You can also find a legal presentation of the card check legislation on the CCM website here.

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