California Citrus Mutual Commends Governor’s Water Strategy for a Hotter, Drier California

August 11, 2022, Exeter, Calif. – California Citrus Mutual (CCM) commends Governor Gavin Newsom on his strategy to protect California’s water supply as we continue to adapt to a hotter, drier future.

“The California citrus industry relies on a sustainable water supply,” stated CCM President/CEO Casey Creamer. “Today’s announcement provides the support necessary for additional above and below ground storage, water recycling, and critically needed infrastructure. We need the ability to better capture wet year water, convey it, and store it for dry years. The issue of water insecurity affects all Californians and our economy; this strategy is a step toward ensuring the viability of California for the future. Governor Newsom is clearly working towards a comprehensive strategy that recognizes the changing climate conditions our farmers are facing in the Golden State.”

CCM appreciates the Governor’s focus and dedication to California’s water security and looks forward to working with the Administration to carry out this critical plan.

To read the press release from the Office of Governor Gavin Newsom and the full plan, please click here.

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