World Citrus Organization Publishes Annual Southern Hemisphere Citrus Forecast

The World Citrus Organization (WCO) has published its annual Southern Hemisphere Citrus Forecast for the 2022 season. WCO is estimating a 4.85% increase in southern hemisphere production this season compared to 2021. That increase means the total estimated production will likely be around 24.8 million metric tons.

Due to this increase, exports are also expected to rise. WCO estimates that southern hemisphere exports will increase by 4.91% this season to a total of 4.14 million metric tons.

The forecasted increase is expected to be driven by lemons and oranges, with production increases of 8.28% and 5.01% predicted respectively. Slight decreases in production are expected for soft citrus and grapefruit.

Learn more Southern Hemisphere Citrus Forecast here.

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