AgSafe Heat Advisory and High Heat Procedures

With temperatures exceeding 100 degrees in many parts of the state this week agriculture operations are required to follow high heat procedures to for outdoor workers. To stay in compliance and protect workers from adverse effects of heat employers should:

  • Review your company’s high heat procedures and emergency action plan with your supervisors and employees.
  • Ensure regular communication with employees. This means making sure a supervisor or designated person is supervising 20 or fewer employees and/or enact a mandatory buddy system or for lone workers, make sure you are regularly communicating via radio or cell phone.
  • If employees are wearing facemasks make sure to check for symptoms of heat illness.
  • Supply ample water and encourage employees to drink water throughout their shift.
  • Ensure you have enough shade for employees to be at least six feet apart.
  • Remind employees of their rights to take a cool-down break when necessary.

Thank you AgSafe for providing this information. Find more resources for protecting outdoor workers from heat here.

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