Tulare and Kings County Legacy Pesticide Disposal Event Registration

Tulare County Agricultural Commissioner’s Department is planning a partially grower-funded Legacy Pesticide Disposal Event October 5th -7th, 2022. This event is tentatively planned to be held here at our main office:  4437 South Laspina St. Tulare, CA 93274. In order for us to plan accordingly, we need you to fill out the attached form(s) and either mail, fax, or email them back to us at your earliest convenience. This registration is so that we can let the disposal company know how much product would be brought to the event to work on the best possible pricing. Please list all the details asked, including, quantity, EPA registration numbers (if known), and the formulation (liquid, powder, etc.). This registration will not be used against you for pesticides laws and regulations. There is a second page attached if you need more area to list additional products. You may also be contacted, if we feel we can assist in finding other growers who could use the product to save from having to have it incinerated. At our past event in 2018, some growers had products still registered but no longer farming a specific crop that required a pesticide and they no longer have the use for that product.

In attempts to help lower the cost of this Pesticide Disposal event, our Department has requested funding from CACASA Residual Mill Committee and California Department of Pesticide Regulation. With this additional funding and with your support and information, we could lower the cost per pound per grower.

Feel free to contact our main office with any questions you may have at 559-684-3352.


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