Second Seasonal Outlook from CCM WeatherAg Chief Meteorologist Scott Borgioli

Although shower chances will exist on Friday, the first decent storm of the season may arrive on October 18 with valley rain and mountain snow (preliminary).

Seasonal Outlook

Temperatures: Valley Mean Temperature Averages may 0 to -3 deg F of average (as a whole) from October 9 through mid-November. At this time, from about mid-November onward, mean temperatures may trend average to above average (0 to +4 deg F).

Precipitation: There’s hints that near average to just slightly below average rainfall might be in store for the valley through the first week of November. Thereafter, the trend is for below average precipitation across CenCal, including the snowpack. If a La Nina does indeed come to fruition, this will swing the pendulum towards below average precipitation. However, a repeat of what was observed last year is not expected. Overall and based on preliminary data at this time, it’s looking like precipitation may be around 60-80% of average by the time all is said and done around April 15, 2022. If La Nina does not materialize as expected, we will then have a fighting chance for average to above average precipitation.

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