Action Alert: Help Stop Union Card Check Bill

Take action today to stop Card Check from becoming law! 

The Senate is expected to soon consider legislation that will eliminate the current petition and secret-ballot election process by which agriculture employees may elect union representation.

If passed, Assembly Bill 616 (Stone) will strip employees of their right to a private and protected election supervised by the Agriculture Labor Relations Board (ALRB) by allowing union organizers to facilitate their own election by “ballot card”.  This is card check.

Card check provides that agricultural employees select a union representative by mailing or delivering a ballot card directly to the ALRB. Card check is NOT an election. Card check eliminates the supervision of ALRB  and makes employees susceptible to coercion and manipulation by union organizers. Additionally, under a card check election employers cannot appeal or exercise due process if AB 616 unless a bond is posted in an amount determined by ALRB.

AB 616 is currently pending a vote on the Senate floor.  Your Senator needs to hear from YOU about the dangers of card check.

If you have a relationship with your Senator, we urge you to call them directly and ask that they vote NO on AB 616. It’s especially important that the following Senators, who represent citrus districts, hear from their constituents:

Senator Roth (Riverside) – (916) 651-4031

Senator Hurtado(Fresno, East Tulare) – (916) 651-4014

Senator Laird (Monterey, San Luis Obispo) – (916) 651-4017

Senator Stern (Ventura) – (916) 651-4021

Senator Limon (Ventura) – (916) 651-4019

You can also click the link below to send a message to your senator to vote NO on AB 616.

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