New COVID Emergency Temporary Standard FAQs & Webinar

On June 17th the Cal/OSHA Standards Board adopted the revised COVID-19 Prevention Emergency Temporary Standard which is effective immediately per executive order by Governor Newsom. We are partnering with our labor attorneys, The Saqui Law Group, to host a webinar, “What You Need To Know: Revised Cal/OSHA ETS” on July 7th to help the membership stay up to date.  Please register for the event through the following link.

The revised regulation reflects the state’s latest public health guidance and includes changes to face coverings and physical distancing requirements.

More information on the revised COVID-19 ETS can be found in Cal/OSHA’s Frequently Asked Questions. 

Per Cal/OSHA, the important changes in the June 18 revised ETS are:

  • Fully vaccinated employees without symptoms do not need to be tested or quarantined after close contacts with COVID-19 cases unless they have symptoms.
  • No face covering requirements outdoors (except during outbreaks), regardless of vaccination status, though workers must be trained on CDPH recommendations for outdoor use of face coverings.
  • Employers may allow fully vaccinated employees not to wear face coverings indoors, but must document their vaccination status. There are some settings where CDPH requires face coverings regardless of vaccination status. In outbreaks, all employees must wear face coverings indoors and outdoors when six-feet physical distancing cannot be maintained, regardless of vaccination status.
  • Employers must provide unvaccinated employees with approved respirators for voluntary use when working indoors or in a vehicle with others, upon request.
  • Employers may not retaliate against employees for wearing face coverings.
  • No physical distancing or barrier requirements regardless of employee vaccination status with the following exceptions:
  • Employers must evaluate whether it is necessary to implement physical distancing and barriers during an outbreak (3 or more cases in an exposed group of employees)
  • Employers must implement physical distancing and barriers during a major outbreak (20 or more cases in an exposed group of employees)
  • No physical distancing requirements whatsoever in the employer-provided housing and transportation regulations.
  • Where all employees are vaccinated in employer-provided housing and transportation, employers are exempt from those regulations
  • Employers must evaluate ventilation systems to maximize outdoor air and increase filtrations efficiency, and evaluate the use of additional air cleaning systems

Please review the FAQs page and seek legal counsel to address questions that are specific to your operation. For general questions, please contact CCM’s Director of Government Affairs Alyssa Houtby at (559) 592-3790 or

The Standards Board has appointed a subcommittee to consider additional changes to the ETS as needed. CCM will continue to provide updates and make resources available to help you comply with this evolving regulation. We will continue to work with our industry partners to advocate for a protective, scientifically backed, and practical standard.

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