President’s Message and Citrus Showcase Recording

I must start this week’s message with gratitude for all that pulled off our first and hopefully last virtual Citrus Showcase.  From our keynote speaker, Peter Zeihan; grower panelists Matt Fisher, Brian Neufeld, Keith Watkins, and Jim Finch; to our video production team at JCS Marketing; and of course, our team here at CCM behind the scenes.  The success of the event was due to their expertise and hard work!  Last but certainly not least, I want to thank our sponsors for making it all possible. We appreciate their support as we navigate these uncertain times and try new virtual capabilities.

If I had to summarize the Showcase in two words, it would be thought-provoking. Peter touched on the world and specifically citrus from a macro geopolitical and economic perspective. In contrast, our grower panelists shared their perspectives on what growers need to do to succeed in the California citrus industry. While some of the viewpoints may have even been a little uncomfortable or controversial, we hope they have ignited a conversation within the grower community.

In my two years at CCM, you have shared the ideas that make this industry successful. You have also explained what actions are needed to address issues hampering the success of the industry. Those issues range from acreage needing to be pulled from production, marketers needing to sell our fruit at a better price, and nearly everything in between. In my experience, there is usually truth in it all, and no one single action or single entity can correct it alone.

Citrus Mutual is an organization formed by growers and a place where growers can and must continue these conversations.  But we do not hold a monopoly on efforts to improve outcomes for growers.  Every organization and grower within the industry needs to have similar conversations and ask themselves how to improve and prepare for the future.  Only when we genuinely do all that we can individually and collectively will we maximize our potential.

But hey, these are only my opinions.  Let us continue the conversation!

You can find the full recording of the Citrus Showcase here and a copy of Peter Zeihan’s slides here.

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