CCM President Casey Creamer Appointed to the Sustainable Pest Management Work Group

Yesterday, CCM President Casey Creamer was appointed to the 25-member Sustainable Pest Management Work Group by the California Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) and the California Department of Food and Agriculture. The work group includes farmers, community members, university researchers, and representatives from commodity groups and the pesticide industry and will be charged with accelerating the adoption of safer, sustainable pest control practices.

“Safe and effective pest management has always been important to the California citrus grower, but it is even more paramount today in the face of the deadly citrus disease huanglongbing,” stated Creamer.  “I’m honored to be selected for this important group as the State continues to evaluate its pesticide programs, including enhancing integrated pest management (IPM).

The members of the Sustainable Pest Management Work Group include:

  1. Jenny Broome, Driscoll’s
  2. Don Cameron, Terranova Ranch
  3. Casey Creamer, California Citrus Mutual
  4. Jim Farrar, UC Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
  5. Chris Geiger, City of San Francisco
  6. Kim Harley, UC Berkeley
  7. Lisa Herbert, Sutter County Agricultural Commissioner
  8. Nina Ichikawa, Berkeley Food Institute
  9. Dan Kaiser, Environmental Defense Fund
  10. Susan Kegley, Pesticide Research Inc.
  11. Margaret Lloyd, UC Extension – small farm advisor
  12. Suguet Lopez, Líderes Campesinas
  13. Gabriele Ludwig, Almond Board of California
  14. Pam Marrone, Chestnut Bio Advisors, Formerly Marrone Bio Innovations
  15. Nayamin Martinez, Central California Environmental Justice Network
  16. John McKeon, Taylor Farms
  17. Cliff Ohmart, Pest Control Advisor (PCA)
  18. Scott Park, Park Farms
  19. Margaret Reeves, Pesticide Action Network
  20. Taylor Roschen, California Farm Bureau
  21. Sarah Ryan, Environmental Director Big Valley Band of Pomo Indians
  22. Daniel Sonke, Campbell Soup Company
  23. Paul Walgenbach, Bayer
  24. Ron Whitehurst, Pest Control Advisor (PCA)
  25. Houston Wilson, UC Organic Agriculture Institute

The work group will meet regularly for the next 18 months.  The full DPR and CDFA Press Release can be found here.

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