REMINDER! Input Needed on PG&E TOU Rates!

In March 2021, PG&E will transfer most customers to new rates with new Time-of-Use (TOU) periods.  Under the new rate plans, the peak period will be 4PM-8PM.

Several CCM members were transitioned to a new TOU rate early when they re-activated or opened a new account. In some of these cases, growers have seen an increase in their bills, specifically those with wind machines. CCM is working with the Agricultural Energy Consumers Association and PG&E to understand if these are isolated incidents or if there is a larger impact to wind machine accounts. In doing the analysis with PG&E we have run into a problem – we cannot identify specific wind machine accounts unless the customer specifically designates them as such in the billing system.

We are asking for your help by providing us the account number for your wind machine(s). With a larger batch of data we can get a better understanding of whether or not there is a widespread problem and how to fix it.  CCM will provide a list of account numbers to PG&E for the purpose of this batch analysis only.  Your account data will aggregated with other account data and no individual data will be shared with anyone outside of CCM and PG&E.  The analysis will NEVER have your name attached to it.

In addition to using your data in the group batch analysis, PG&E will be able to contact you should you have any significant bill impacts or make sure you are transferring to the best possible rate in March.

If you would like to participate, please provide your information using this form or contact CCM Director of Government Affairs Alyssa Houtby at or (559) 737-8899. Please respond with the account number for each wind machine.

Thank you very much for your help with this matter!

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