Licensing, Certification and Continuing Education Important Dates – DPR 2020 Laws and Regs CE Course!

The continuing education (CE) correspondence course for license and certificate holders will be made available for order through December 11th. Individuals that successfully complete the Pesticide Laws and Regulations course (including passing a final examination) will receive 4 hours “Laws and Regulations” CE and receive a certificate of completion. Exams received after December 31st will not be scored and no CE hours will be awarded.

DPR’s Pesticide Laws and Regulations CE course can be ordered by completing the information on the DPR Publication/Order form: <> and emailing to us at <> (or if you don’t have access to a computer, you may call 916-603-7784, to request a hard copy of the order form be mailed to you). Note that the form and payment must be mailed to DPR. DPR cannot accept any payments by phone, email or fax.

If you are completing the CE course by mail, you must send us the completed final exam via mail, no later than Tuesday, December 15 to ensure there is enough time for us to receive and grade the final exam prior to your license or certificate expiring. You must pass the final exam with a score at least 70% or greater. Please be sure to check your answers thoroughly before mailing, as there may not be time to retake the exam if you mail it mid-December.

If you are completing the electronic version of the CE course, you must email the completed final exam to DPR no later than Monday, December 21.

For those still searching for CE for the 2020 renewal year, there are many courses available that can be taken during the day, evening, or weekends, and can be completed from home to satisfy CE requirements. Continuously running online or correspondence courses can be found here: <>. Additionally, many in-person courses have converted to webinar format. Webinar courses, which are available on a specific date and time, can be found by searching the date-specific CE courses available: <>. Courses available as webinars are indicated as such in the course title.

For additional information about DPR’s Licensing and Certification Program, please visit our program’s web page: <>


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