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The California Secretary of State will certify California’s 2020 election results by December 11, 2020, 37 days after election day.  In response to COVID-19, Governor Newsom signed an Executive Order, which was later codified by the Legislature, providing a much longer timeline for absentee ballots to be mailed and counted than is typical.  Mail-in ballots must be received no later than 17 days after Election Day at which point county election officials will begin counting provisional ballots.  All counties must submit final results to the Secretary of State by December 3, 2020. Some races have been called, but many are still too close to determine the final outcome.  We will continue to update you as final results are available.

Here is a summary of what we know as of Thursday November 5th.

Proposition 15 – Property Tax to Fund Schools, Local Government

Proposition 15 is one of only 3 ballot initiatives that remains to be called.  While the early results are favorable with 51.7% of voters against Prop 15, the amount of outstanding ballots can move the needle in either direction.

California Congressional Races of Note

U.S. House District 16 (Fresno County):

*Jim Costa-DEM

92,921 / 60.5%

Kevin Cookingham-REP

60,695 / 39.5%

Congressman Jim Costa will return to Congress after defeating challenger Kevin Cookingham.  Congressman Costa has announced he is seeking the Chairmanship of the House Agriculture Committee after current Chair Colin Peterson was defeated in his election bid.

 U.S. House District 20 (Monterey County):

*Jimmy Panetta-DEM

194,630 / 78.1%

Jeff Gorman-REP

54,489 / 21.9%

U.S. House District 21 (Kings County):


53,236 / 48.6%

David G. Valadao-REP

56,269 / 51.4%

Former Republican Congressman David Valadao has a slight lead of roughly 3,000 votes against incumbent TJ Cox. In 2018, Valadao had a consistent lead until the final provisional ballots were counted and he ended up losing by roughly 800 votes. We expect this race to tighten as the final ballots are counted as they did in 2018.

 U.S. House District 22 (Tulare County):

Phil Arballo-DEM

109,596 / 46.5%

*Devin G. Nunes-REP

126,022 / 53.5%

 U.S. House District 23 (Kern County):

Kim Mangone- DEM

69,687 / 42.3%

*Kevin McCarthy-REP

94,868 / 57.5%

 U.S. House District  24 (San Luis Obispo/Santa Barbara):

*Salud Carbajal-DEM

169,061 / 61.9%

Andy Caldwell-REP

104,016 / 38.1%

U.S. House District 26 (Ventura County):

*Julia Brownley- DEM

167,111 / 62%

Ronda Baldwin-Kennedy- REP

102,538 / 38%

California Legislature

 Democrats currently have a supermajority in the Senate and could potentially add another 4 seats to their count, leaving as few as 7 Republicans in the Senate.  Democrats will also maintain their supermajority in the Assembly.

California Assembly Races of Note

Assembly District 35 (San Luis Obispo County):

Dawn Addis-DEM

79,805 / 48.0%

*Jordan Cunningham-REP

86,328 / 52.0%

Jordan Cunningham is widely seen as the strongest Republican incumbent in the Assembly. This race is closer than expected and the results will change dramatically as San Luis Obispo continues to report their vote totals. Two-thirds of Assembly District 35 is located in San Luis Obispo County.

 California Senate Races of Note

 Senate District 5 (Merced County):

Susan Eggman-DEM

124,703 / 58.4%

Jim Ridenour-REP

88,693 / 41.6%

As expected, Susan Eggman easily won the race to replace termed-out Senator Cathleen Galgiani who was a key ally for citrus pest and disease issues.

Senate District 17 (Monterey/Santa Cruz/Santa Clara/San Luis Obispo):

John Laird-DEM

263,316 / 68%

Vicki Nohrden-REP

123,707 / 32%

Former CA Natural Resources Agency Secretary John Laird easily defeated the Republican in this race to replace termed-out Senator Bill Monning.

Senate District 19 (Ventura/Santa Barbara):

  1. Monique Limon-DEM

222,684 / 65.6%

Gary J. Michaels-REP

116,904 / 34.4%

As expected, current Assembly Member Monique Limon will replace termed-out Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson.

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