Raising Property Taxes Hurts Everyone – Support the No on Prop 15 Campaign Today!

Thank you for joining with he Alliance of California’s Farmers and Ranchers to make sure Proposition 15 is defeated on November 3.    Election Day is less than a week away and we’ve put your contributions to good use making sure voters know that Proposition 15 hurts everyone, not just our family farmers and ranchers.  The campaign has hit the opposition hard with thoughtful campaign ads that tell the truth about the devastating impacts we’ll feel if Proposition 15 is allowed to pass.

Now we need your help making sure we hit the finish line strong.  If you’ve already contributed – thank you and please forward this message and encourage your neighbors to join the fight and contribute today.  If you have not contributed yet, please join us before its too late.

Step up today and join the fight.  

The split roll tax initiative removes property tax protections for agriculture and commercial real estate preserved by Proposition 13 (1978).  Prop 15 will increase the cost of doing business for everyone in California – whether you’re the farmer, neighborhood barber or shop owner.  It means higher rents and higher cost of living for all Californians.

Please join the Alliance of California’s Farmers and Ranchers and lend your support by making a contribution for the first  or one last time today.  Visit www.NoOnProp15.ag  to contribute.

The No on Prop 15 campaign sponsored by Alliance of California’s Farmers and Ranchers is working in coordination with the overarching effort comprised of business leaders from throughout the state to educate voters about the negative impacts of Proposition 15 and why we can’t let it pass on November 3.

Visit https://www.noonprop15.ag/prop15-taxes-family-farms/ to learn more.

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