Optimism High for the 2020-2021 Season

At the CCM Marketing Committee meeting on Wednesday, the conversation revolved around the positive beginnings to the start of the new season. While color break has taken a little longer this year than in previous years and thereby causing a delay in harvest, all other indicators point to a healthy crop: sugar content is high, there is little to no scarring or damage (in light of the heat and smoke we’ve seen in the past few months, this is a welcome outcome), and navels will ride the coattails of a very successful Valencia season. Importantly this year, navel and mandarin imports have cleared out with good demand and should not impede the California season as compared to the past few years. In addition, there is increased demand this year compared to last year. Members reported lots of interest, including pre-bookings, and feel that this is one of the best starts to the season that the crop has seen for a while.

2019-2020 Navel Perspective

With the outlook of a successful 2020-2021 Navel season upon us, it is important that growers take the time to review the previous season. While a lot of the variables that shaped the 2019-2020 season are not present for the current season, we encourage you to communicate with your packing houses to make sure you are prepared for the upcoming season.  In addition to providing an overview of the previous navel season, the 2019-2020 Navel Perspective also contains a series of questions to consider asking ahead of the upcoming season.

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